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IO Data enables finance houses, manufacturers and dealerships to exchange data automatically. Our process facilitates wholesale finance by taking information directly from a borrowers stock system and making it available to the lender at a guaranteed quality in a managed and supported system.

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What is IO Data?

IO Data is a powerful and flexible data transfer tool that accepts data from your DMS for transmission via the Sopra Financing Platform to your finance provider. The entire process is designed to give you quick, easy and cost-effective access to finance plans, with all of the benefits of a professionally managed, feature-rich and well-supported system.

How does it work?

Data is sent from your DMS to our secure servers. We then process and validate the data, apply the relevant feed format for your bank and transmit the feed directly to Sopra for processing.

Your daily data feed can be either fully automated or you can manually upload and review the data and reports at any point through our secure online portal. Here you can see a preview of your processed feed data, with any problems highlighted on the screen. You can also review your scheme parameters, location codes, contact details and preferences with access to help pages and resources.

IOData supports a huge range of DMS systems and finance providers, with no limitations on stock levels or locations and native support for Courtesy, Demonstrator, Hire, Pre-Reg, Staff Cars, LCVs, Motorhomes and much more.

What does the installation fee cover?

The installation fee covers the cost of connecting our data-transfer system to your DMS and the management of this process (your DMS provider may charge a fee). We also liaise with your finance provider to set up your plans, locations and safety limits and co- ordinate with them for testing in preparation for use.

How does the subscription work?

We charge a small subscription to the service billed annually in advance, which you can cancel with 30 days notice. This subscription covers first and second line technical support, telephone support, maintenance, hosting of your logs & archives and security updates.

What’s involved in setting up?

We work with your DMS provider to connect our data-transfer system to your DMS (your DMS provider may charge a fee) If your DMS provider isn’t able to support this we can also accept almost any valid stock file(s) or report, so long as it is up-to-date and contains all of the required fields. The IOData system is designed to be as flexible as possible and will accept data in almost any format, by whichever method you prefer.

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